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About Me:

My name is Dawn Hyken.  I have been dancing since I was four years old!  I have always loved dancing & music.  Since I was in 8th grade - my love has always been country music!  Like Barbara Mandrell always says - "I was country when country wasn't cool"! 

With this love of country music - came my love of country line dancing!  I started teaching country line dancing back in 1997 to grade school children.  I then started teaching adults at the Park Districts in the area - and then have ventured into having many teaching venues over the years!  While this passion has continued - I also teach privately to individuals and groups - both country line dancing & country couples dancing.  I have also choreographed line dances and dances for couples at their weddings. 

I work with many wonderful DJ's & country bands throughout Illinois - leading the floor while they play their awesome country music! 

I teach in Illinois and throughout the Midwest at beautiful venues!

Can't wait to "get my country on with y'all"!!

Love - Dazzlin' Dawn


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